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Research in the Bentzen Lab focuses on population genetics and the use of DNA-based methods to answer questions related to the ecology, evolution, conservation biology and management of fishes and other aquatic and marine organisms.

Biodiversity within Species

Research in our lab examines biodiversity within species. Our focus is on aquatic organisms, primarily fishes, and especially fishes in Atlantic Canada. The research tools we use are mostly DNA-based, but we also use ecological, environmental and behavioural data.

Genomes, Individuals and Populations

We want to know how genetic variation is distributed across genomes, individuals and populations, and about the evolutionary and ecological processes that shape that genetic variation. We are interested in how populations are connected, whether they are locally adapted, and how genetic divergence can lead to formation of new species.


Much of our research has applications for conservation and management of wild populations. In some of our projects we use genetic data to develop tools to trace the population origins of fish caught in mixed stock fisheries. Other projects have contributed to Canada- and world-wide efforts to develop DNA barcoding tools to identify species – in our case, Atlantic Canadian fishes.


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